Lumito's avr-gcc builds

Welcome! Here you will find up-to-date builds of avr-gcc, since Atmel (Microchip) doesn't well-maintain the official builds and Arduino ones aren't very updated.

Latest avr-gcc release: 11-20210501

Latest avr-gcc legacy release: 8.5.0

Up-to-date avr-gcc releases

Up-to-date releases are the main reason of why this project exists: they are released a few days later after every new GCC release and I update other components (Binutils, GDB, etc.) more frequently (once every 3-6 months).

These builds have the latest GCC features, but generate bigger code, GCC binaries weight more and are probably a bit unstable.

Legacy avr-gcc releases

Legacy builds are builds of older versions of avr-gcc, designed for maximum stability and code size. These builds don't have the latest GCC compiler features, but are the best builds for production.